Red Hot Raptors

March 14, 2018

Matt and Ryan discuss Toronto's chances of dethroning the Cavs and debate the pros and cons of being forced to wear Phoenix's Gorilla costume for an entire week. 


Rockets Ready for Liftoff

March 7, 2018

Matt and Ryan share their picks for the Most Improved Player award and consider the ramifications of spending three hours on a teeter totter with Thon Maker.  


Top 3-Point Shooters of All Time

February 20, 2018

Matt and Ryan discuss Fergie's butchering of the National Anthem and get into their most heated argument yet over the greatest three-point shooters of all time. 


New Look Cavs

February 14, 2018

Matt and Ryan discuss the new and improved Cleveland Cavaliers and welcome Sascha Paruk to the podcast to chat about the NCAA's top prospects. 


Are the Lakers Actually Shifting Focus?

February 6, 2018

Are the Los Angeles Lakers actually out on LeBron James and Paul George in the summer of 2018? Who was the best dunker of all-time? Matt and Ryan debate that and much more!


Super Bowl 52 Preview: Brady Gets 6?

February 2, 2018

Matt and Sascha break down the Alex Smith trade, and the best landing spots for Kirk Cousins, before previewing everything Super Bowl 52 has to offer.


Trade Winds

January 30, 2018

Matt and Ryan discuss the Pistons-Clippers mega trade and offer their own novel ideas for NBA All-Star Game incentives. 


Were the Jaguars Cheated?

January 26, 2018

Matt and Sascha get heated over the officiating in the AFC Championship game, before cooling off with some Pro Bowl and NFL Honors talk.


Kevin McHale’s Armpit Hair

January 23, 2018

Matt and Ryan discuss Jason Kidd's long overdue ouster in Milwaukee and consider whether they would rather have a carpet made from Artis Gilmore's afro clippings or a fur coat made from Kevin McHale ample armpit hair.


NFL Conference Championships: Officiating the Officials

January 19, 2018

Matt and Sascha weigh in on the performances of the officials from the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, along with a handful of other storylines from the past week, before diving into the AFC and NFC Championship games.